Food Advocacy



Spike serves as a Chef Ambassador in CARE’s Chef’s Table Program. He has traveled to countries like Peru and Mozambique to witness CARE’s efforts to reduce hunger and malnutrition. Armed with this firsthand knowledge and a deep understanding of CARE’s international food security policies, Spike has leveraged his unique position to change the way that policymakers and communities think about food. 


DC Food Policy Council

Spike is the first Chairman of the DC Food Policy Council (DCFPC). The DCFPC brings local stakeholders and experts together to create an equitable, sustainable food system for our Nation’s Capital.

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DC Central Kitchen

Working as a Chef Contributor at DC Central Kitchen, Spike shares his culinary knowledge with the organization’s students as part of their training program to prepare them for jobs at partner restaurants and hospitality groups in the D.C. area. As the nation’s first and leading community kitchen, DC Central Kitchen develops and operates social ventures targeting the cycle of hunger and poverty.